I help craft
a presence on the web
A drawing of a notebook, ruler, protractor, set square and paint board
Step 1 – Research & Design
First, I get to know you. What you do. Why you do it. And how you do it. Then, I research your audience. Why they may be interested in your work. What they look for when they’re interested. And how do I present you in a way that meets their expectations. With plenty of back and forth, we then design a layout that takes all my research into account.
A drawing of a laptop
Step 2 – Build and Handover
Next, I start building the website. And you wait. And wait. And wait. Not much longer. A little more waiting. A little more. Teensy bit more. Aaaaaaand done! I then send you a link for you to test on all kinds of devices. Make sure you tell your family and friends to test it too. We test, test, test. When you’re happy about it, we make the website live and I hand you over complete control of it. Simple.
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Sounds like something you’d like? Please write to me at
What do you exactly do?
I make websites. But also so much more. Please get in touch. I’d love to tell you all about it.
Where are you from?
Mumbai. I have a love-hate relationship with this city. I love it because I can be among almost all my friends and family; and I love the beaches. But I hate the traffic and noise. Hate it.
Why do you do this?
Being from Mumbai means living amongst all kinds of people. People of different caste, creed and colour celebrating so many different things. And culture has always interested me. Both around me and on the internet. With my practice, I try to help the people shaping this culture and also try to understand why and how they do it.
Do you play video games?
A lot. I have a Nintendo Switch and I love that little thing. Currently playing Animal Crossing and Minecraft.
Sounds like someone you’d like to work with? Please write to me at contact@yashghelani.com
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A drawing of a couple blank sheets of paper along with a crumpled ball of paper
Too many thoughts in my head right now but nothing I want to share yet